Vacuform: When the Details Matter

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Scenic Solutions provide services that can truly transform your brand’s display into a stand out feature among the rest. One service that really creates extra emphasis is our Vacuform. In the past, we’ve used this one-of-a-kind ability to add interesting texture to tradeshow displays, permanent installs, newsroom installations, and more.

How Vacuforming is Done

The way vacuforming is performed is by taking a thin sheet of plastic, heating it, and sucking the plastic into textures and designs that you’re looking for. These designs have included textures like brick, cinder block, stone, wood, and more. Typically, the suitable materials used during vacuform are thermoplastics that can hold shape after heated. Our team of experts have been using vacuform for years and have perfected the technique. This allows us to create incredible displays unlike any of our competitors.

The History of Vacuform

Vacuforming is also called vacuum forming, which is a version of thermoforming. The vacuform process has typically been used for refrigerator lining, aerospace vehicles, aircraft, kiosks, product packaging, and more. In fact, the toy maker Mattel created their own toy version of vacuum forming in the 1960s. The toy held a small piece of plastic that was then clamped down and heated over a metal hot plate. Then in the 1990s, ToyMax produced a similar toy called the “VAC-U-FORMER.” Today, however, most users are in the industrial world who apply the techniques to various products.

The Benefits of Vacuform

One of the major benefits of vacuform is its cost-effectiveness. Not only is it a cheaper technique, it gives you the look and feel of real bricks, sculptures, and more. Another benefit is its ability to add wanted texture. Don’t let your display leave your audience wanting more, the extra texture given by vacuform will have people coming back to see more.

Vacuform by Scenic Solutions

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